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Lower stress, anxiety, and worry. Increase peace. These bite-sized techniques will help you shift your mindset and step into resourceful states and are designed to be fun, quick, simple, and effective.

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"I highly recommend Keridwyn for her style and effectiveness. She is focused, compassionate and very competent. I am frankly amazed at how quickly I experienced freedom from worry and overwhelm. And I now have techniques that I can call upon!"

- Susan

"I started a skeptic and ended empowered and relieved. I needed real change and Keridwyn helped me develop the practical tools I needed to move forward. Keridwyn is compassionate, present and genuine. I felt safe to be myself, be vulnerable and create change. "

- B.

"She gave me great insights and tools to use, which I use everyday, to keep me on my path. Would highly recommend Keridwyn if you really want to reach your goals! "

– Mary Ann

"I am so happy that I found Keridwyn. She is the very best at what she does. She is extremely professional, highly skilled and thoroughly knowledgeable. She clearly loves helping people and her methods are incredibly effective. For any manner of issue or generally achieving greater calm and peace of mind, she is the one to see."

- John

"Keridwyn has been amazing to work with! She's been helping me make positive changes in several areas of my life. I started seeing noticeable differences immediately and I've been really happy with the work we've been doing together. I've had a lot of success with the tools she's given me. I would absolutely recommend her!"

– Tori

Hi, I'm Keridwyn.

I look forward to connecting with you more. I'm a Hypnotherapist and Wellness Coach. I'm based in Seattle and work with clients online. My passion is helping people be kinder to themselves, kinder to others, and more content.

I'm thrilled to help you learn new quick, fun, effective techniques in Comfort the Mind. I also work with clients one-on-one and in group sessions.

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